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Bob Howdeshell

Maryville, Tennessee, United States


Day #6 for the male Painted Bunting here in east Tennessee. This image taken at around 10:15am today. My first image where it was not on a feeder. First ever recorded Painted Bunting for Blount County, Tennessee.



Painted Bunting – Just A Little Bit Lost?

Painted Bunting (male)

2 replies on “Painted Bunting – Just a Little Bit Lost?”

Bob Vuxinic says:

Send him over here to Cumberland County…I want to see him too!

Tonja Witt says:

This talented photographer just happens to be my next door neighbor. This beautiful bunting flits between Bobs feeders and ours. What a thrill it is to have this visitor here in East Tennessee and how very proud we are to live next door to the man who has not only photographed this bird but has posted and documented this fantastic gift! Thank you Bob for your countless hours spent photographing and documenting this precious bird! Keep up the good work!

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