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Dawn Bayless

Shawnee, KS, United States



Pine Siskin At Water Dish

2 replies on “Pine Siskin At Water Dish”

Dawn, how I, wish, that this peaceful picture, could also be reflected in our northern areas..
what a lovely haven, you have created.
The fact.. that you distictively mention your hosting, as a dish water.. is a mention which, I, admire.. as, I, with difficulty, cannot provide. winter.. the winters are harsh..

your picture is.. so paisible.. which means to me.. that.. you have made in your home, or yard.. a “zen“and lovely environment.. many thanks for sharing..
please continue sharing with us..and our viewing.

Dawn Bayless says:

Thank you for sharing your thoughts about the siskin at the water dish. The reason for that picture was most people would take siskins on feeders/branches and I have yet to see any picture with one getting a drink at the feed stations. So I chose that. Your comment has left a wonderful feeling in my heart. Again thank you.

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