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Dawn Bayless

Shawnee, KS, USA


On my second day of Feeder Watch, it was later in the afternoon hours I have noticed this Pine Siskin sitting at porch while most birds were leaving for the night. Including a couple other Pine Siskins. It was unapproachable as I stepped out on the back porch. It’s feathers do not look all that healthy and seemed bloated. Would just sit by itself for a bit, shutting it’s eyes every few seconds. Went back in and grabbed my camera and started taking pictures to get a better look at it’s eyes. I watched it fly back to a feeder where some sunflower chips were left and ate some. Did not know where it took off, as I got distracted. I have Goldfinches and House Finches at the feeders, and 3 other Pine Siskins. Observed all of them seeming to not have any illnesses so far, but just that one unlucky little bird.



Pine Siskin With Salmonelosis

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