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Alan Sautter

Arlington, WA, United States


Several Jays are daily visitors. Happily they don’t hog the feeders. They eat for a bit and they fly back up into the trees. The Finches, Chickadees, and others come right back in after the Jays leave.

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Stellar Jay

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  • Alan,, you are so lucky,, to have them..give us feedback, on them.. more and more.. loved your description,, for those of us who want to learn more about them.. Are they in groups..and what food do they like? Was that a male or a female??
    Do they hang around all day, are they noisy? are they hit and run, grab a peanut and fly off?

    a participant

    • Alan says:

      They usually visit one or two at a time. Rarely I will have four in my little backyard. They are not nearly as aggressive as the Blue Jays I grew up with in the midwest. They squawk and chatter as you would expect from any Jay.
      They fly in and out. Here for a few minutes to fill their throat poaches then fly off to shell peanuts or eat ground corn.
      Although I have never seen one actively try to displace any other birds, the little brown birds usually give them a wide berth. I think just because the Jays are so large and “rowdy”. They do flick their crests up when another bird gets too close.
      I’m not sure if there is any obvious difference between male and female.

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