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Jean Weller

Maidens, VA, USA


Just a puzzling bird that really caught my attention. I think I have identified it but not sure.

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Species: Orange-crowned Warbler

Possible Sighting Of Orange-crowned Warbler

Kind of blurry photos but I was using zoom and the bird kept flitting about so it was hard to catch. I THINK this is an orange-crowned warbler. It was attacking our bedroom window which, in the past, has been attacked by cardinals seeing their own reflections.

3 replies on “Possible sighting of orange-crowned warbler”

Frank says:

This is a Ruby-crowned Kinglet.

Ava says:

I agree, it is an adult male Ruby-Crowned Kinglet.

Jean says:

Thanks, Frank and Ava! I’ve not had a kinglet sighting ever in our area, so it’s not one I looked for. I appreciate your help!

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