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Aleene Jones

Juniata Road, Dunbar, PA, United States


There were two Females and two Males yesterday.



Purple Finch – SW Pennsylvania USA

Still here, there were four of them yesterday.

2 replies on “Purple Finch – SW Pennsylvania USA”

Bob Vuxinic says:

Aleene, maybe you are going to have them all summer! The Rose-breasted Grosbeaks have finally found my yard — I’ve had them at the feeders today, sometimes 6 at a time. It will take me a while to process the photos, however. I’ve started using my email address in my name on my photos, if you want to use it. Do you have a regular email address so we don’t have to use this site to exchange comments?

Aleene Jones says:

I had 4 today, two females and two males, it would be so thrilling if they raise a family here.

My male Rose-breasted Grosbeak, haven’t seen him lately, but I thought I heard him singing, (could have been a Robin though.)

My email is

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