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Linda Cunico

Pueblo West, CO, USA


Birds keep heat in their body core by fluffing out their feathers. It’s rare to see White-winged Doves in Colorado in the winter, (most go to tropical places), but I’ve had them in my FeederWatch area/yard for the last four years at least. Or maybe it’s only because I became an avid bird lover in the last four years, so now I notice! I’ve actually seen only two at one time,at the most, in previous years.

RARE White-winged Dove

2 replies on “RARE White-winged Dove”

Texas Bird Family says:

Its seems like I’ve gotten more White-winged Doves. 4 come to the feeder now.

Linda Cunico says:

The most I’ve seen are two in same place at the same time. For three FeederWatch seasons, I was always prompted to say how I determined it was a White-winged Dove, because they are RARE. When seen in Colorado, it was supposedly a summer resident in southwestern states, migrating north of Mexico according to my Audubon bird app. On e-Bird app, they are not even shown in Colorado on the map! But since more are getting reported to e-Bird lately in Pueblo West, maybe some will become permanent residents here. I actually have seen two in the past- they were so small, most likely fledglings!

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