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Marie Lehmann

Milton, FL, USA


Predatory birds

Red-shouldered Hawk

2 replies on “Red-shouldered Hawk”

Bonny Hart says:

Should I take my feeders in? Somebody is eating my feeder birds. we have 2 red-tailed hawks this summer. Could it be them?

I’ve made sure all of the feeders are under branches (that I have attached to the feeder poles) and for ground feeders, I put seed under bushes.

But another bird was killed last night. I haven’t seen a cat and I have a large dog. Don’t know what to do. Should I bring my feeders in? (I already bring them in at night because we have a bear.)

Heidi Faulkner, Project Assistant says:

Hello Bonny, it is possible that the hawks are predating on the birds in your area. The best solution is to take your feeders down for a few days. The hawk may get hungry and move on. Be sure to provide cover in your yard where feeder birds can hide from bird-eating hawks. Brush piles and evergreen trees and shrubs can provide safe hiding places. For more info, please feel free to visit the Safe Feeding Environment section of our Feeding Birds page.

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