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Carolyn Gecan

1214 N Columbus St, Arlington, VA, United States


For the second winter, a single robin comes almost daily to this tube feeder. I have no way to tell if it’s the same bird every time, of course–no bands. Because the behavior of the feeder robin is remarkably consistent over many sitings, it leads me to believe that I am observing the same particular bird each time. It feeds there almost every day and is usually the sole robin present in the yard. Even if a few other robins show up, just one hops up to feed–either eating seeds in the tray or taking them from a first tier port. This robin is also quite feisty, sometimes pecking at or rushing toward house sparrows, starlings, and other species. Perhaps this renegade should read more articles about robin behavior! Robins don’t come to feeders.



Renegade Robin!

Renegade robin

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