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Susan Maughan

Kent, WA, USA


Mallards are an odd submission for my counts but here this is year 16 I’ve had returning ducks. I feel extremely blessed to have these visitors as I live right in town although my street does have a wetlands at the end so it’s a totally probable situation. My yard provides comfort and hiding areas for them so I am able to observe without endangering.

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Species: Mallard

Resident Spring Mallards

This is the 16th year I’ve had wild Mallards come visit in the Spring. Momma has found comfort in the Ivy while the drakes go for a swim. This year I have a 3rd Drake that likes to fly in and shoo off the trip, I look forward to Spring and my resident Mallard visitors. Momma nests by the creek a block down the street but always toddles her ducklings up to show them where to find food and a retreat.

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