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Mark Lowry

Lexington, KY, USA


In Fayette County, we actually have a great deal of farm land (mostly horse farms) and there is
a plethora of small ponds and lakes on them. This particular pond is semi-secluded and the
shovelers use it frequently. They usually show up right around Thanksgiving and will stay
until late February as this pond rarely freezes completely due to a spring emptying into it.
I have spent many hours observing ducks on this pond over the years. The shovelers really
accepted me this year and allowed some very close encounters with them being at relative
ease. This group is actually six of eleven. I wish I could have fit all eleven into the frame
but these six did nicely! I thought it pretty neat that some of them in this shot are even
napping as they floated in close proximity to my position. Shovelers have always
been my favorite specie of duck, hands down.

Resting Shovelers

Resting Shovelers

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