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Rod Kitick

St. Charles, IL, USA


We’ve been thrilled to see a return of Common Red Polls to our feeders today.
They were first observed and reported late January when we spotted a small group of 4 to 6 visiting.
We have never seen these in our home feeding station here in St.Charles, IL . !
Then mid February we has a flock of at least 40 at our feeders .
This morning we have the flock returning to the feeders , with an amount estimated at approximately 75.
There were seen on the ground at two feeding areas 20 feet apart and took the photos submitting today at these locations to help support the posting There were also at the same time approximately 12 – 15 more on hanging thistle feeders(we have three of these) , Pictures of these did not turn out clear enough to post with the ones in the submission.



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Species: Common Redpoll

Revisit Of Red Polls

A Red Poll flock estimated around 20 to 25 on the ground at our feeders this morning,( there were approximately 3 groupings in three separate feeding zones,) and another 10 -15 on our three thistle feeders, at the same time .Unfortunately the pictures taken at the thistle feeders were not clear enough to add to these.

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