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Bob Vuxinic

Crossville, TN, United States



Rose-breasted Grosbeak Male

Rose-breasted Grosbeak male

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beverly says:

this bird was at my suet feeder in Naugatuck Ct today 7/5/18

Fred Hassan says:

I am looking at one on my feeder in Goochland, VA. It is 4/23/19.

Fred Hassan says:

I am watching one at my feeder in RIchmond, VA on 4/23/19. This is the first one I have seen since we moved here ten years ago!

Claudia Jack says:

We are in Hudson Florida and this is the first time for 2 of these birds at are feeder. They are so beautiful. Where do they normally live?

Holly Faulkner, Project Assistant says:

Hi Claudia, You can view their range map here.

Leslie says:

My first grosbeak! He is visiting just south of Longview, Texas, in the eastern portion of the state. What a treat, he is just beautiful. He is sharing sunflower seeds with our local cardinals.

Vmyers says:

This bird was at my suet feeder 4/28/19 sw Virginia

Gene Snyder says:

I am looking at one on my feeder in Olean New York.

One on my Feeder April 28 7:00am in Spotsylvania I had never seen one.

Larry Swank says:

Just took some photos of a nice male Rose-breasted Grosbeak on a Safflower cylinder feeder. I had never seen one before. That glowing red-rose patch on the upper chest was amazing. I wish my backyard was the end of his long migration north. Bowie MD 4/30/19 12:30 and 2:30 pm

Holly Faulkner, Project Assistant says:

Hi Larry, Bowie is right on the edge of their breeding range, so you may be in luck! Check out more information on Rose-breasted Grosbeaks, including range maps, here.

Jan Swickrath says:

viewing 4 of these on my birdfeeders right now! In Lima, Ohio area. Such a beautiful bird.

Amanda Millard says:

Just had one at feeder today, Washington, Illinois.

D Miles says:

Had two males and one female at my feeder this morning in Goshen In

Sam Larson says:

At our feeder in East Lansing MI on 5/2/19.

Gail says:

We have several at our feeder everyday. Absolutely gorgeous!

Leigh says:

At my window ledge (one of my many feeders) My first sighting of this species, we are on the edge of the migration path and South of the breeding zone (central texas) so not sure if he will be sticking around – but I was mesmerized by him – what a nice treat this morning. 5/4/2019

buckwheat says:

severna park, md. this week 5/4 male and female sharing oiler sunflower seeds with the cardinals

Yesterday, at around noon of 5/3/19, I saw a single male at my birdbath on City Island, NY.
This is my first sighting of this species since we live at this house (about 14 years)!

MFD38 says:

First sighting ever for me, believe it was a male on my WBU cylinder feeder about an hour ago, Millis, MA. Beautiful!

Deb Wilson says:

This bird was in the feeder this morning in La Cygne Kansas just south of Kansas City Mother’s Day 2019

janis says:

just saw one in naples maine!

Janie says:

I just saw one at my bird feeder in Hudson, NH
Have never seen one at the feeder before today !

Tim says:

Watching one at my suet feeder now. It was also nibbling at some safflower seeds. New Port Richey Florida.

BigE says:

We have a family of four at our sunflower feeder in Hudson, Florida. They have been in our area for two weeks now.

Rachel says:

Rose breast grosbeak

John Jarrell says:

We have 4 eating sunflower seeds from a hanging feeder for the past couple of days . 4/25/2020 in Star NC

Rex says:

Grosbeak at our feeder for about 5 days now. Near Birmingham, AL. Beautiful bird!! We had one visit a year or two ago during the spring.

Paula says:

Saw one at on bird feeders this this morning Spring Hill Florida. Enjoying all the different types of birds coming to my feeders.

Eileen says:

This rose breasted grosbeak was at my feeder this evening
And stayed a long time. Beautiful! April 26, 2020
O’Fallon MIssouri

Gwen D. says:

I see two of these birds for first time, I also use Sunflower seed for many years. They are so beautiful!

Ranette Cutler says:

Just saw our first grosbeak on our corkscrew willow in munford Tennessee. Such a beautiful bird.

Lee Ann Perez says:

First time I’ve ever seen one of these! At my new feeders this morning, April 28, 2020, in southeast Kansas. What a treat!

Jane says:

Rose breasted fros beak (male) at the feeder at 10:00 AM in Erie, PA. The sight of him made me so happy. After he left a brilliant red cardinal took his place.

Melissa Turner says:

There were two of these trying to get a sip of nectar at my hummingbird feeder this morning.

Melissa Turner says:

There were two of these at my hummingbird feeder this morning—one taking a sip or trying to—in Emory, VA! I have never seen these birds in my area before, so I am excited! says:

Have a male one at our feeder today! This is our first ever sighting of a grosbeak ever! It is gorgeous!
Lebanon PA

Greg Olson says:

We saw our first Rose-breasted Grosbeak male at our feeder eating black sunflower seeds today at 11 am. It is about 60 degrees and partly sunny today in Milwaukee, WI.

Sally A Fama says:

Sun. May 3rd 2020. South western tier of NY, city of Jamestown. Saw one at my feeder twice today. It was quite a surprise, since I’ve been her13 years, and today was the very first time I spotted this beautiful little fellow. The color on this outstanding bird, is so outstanding that he is hard to miss. Am a happy camper today

Spotted at my bird feeder in southwestern PA today 5/04/2020

Judy Casbon says:

I have a pair that have been at my feeder numerous times today. Northern, Indiana The male has been singing all afternoon.

Zach says:

I seen one of these guys at my feeder in Mount Vernon, Kentucky

Jerry Work says:

I have had a male at my feeder for the past few days. Today, much to my surprise a second male showed up. Both are feeding off thistle seed. They certainly are a beautiful bird. Such a treat, as I have never spotted this bird before. Located in Bergholz, Ohio.

Skip Liddle says:

Have a few at our feeder 5 6 2020 Glasgow WV

Jan E Yelverton says:

5/6/2020 Rose-breasted Grosbeak was at my feeder in Grimesland, NC

Julie S says:

The red breasted grosse Beale was at our feeder 10 minutes ago in Oregon Ohio.

Carl says:

We had the female at feeder off and on all spring but did not know what she was until the male showed up today and we found a picture of both. Albany, Ohio (SE Ohio)

Jodi Langlois says:

I have had one at my feeder in Chatham Ontario Canada for about a week now. I had been thinking it was a type of woodpecker until I searched for pictures this morning

Jodi Langlois says:

I am watching 3 right now at my feeder in Chatham, Ontario, Canada. So pretty. I just found out what bird it is today and when i went to take a picture, there were two at the feeder.

Randy says:

First time I ever seen one.didnt know what it was.
It is at my feeder this morning in Whitney Ont..South Algonquin

5/12/2020 have seen many at my feeders and they are marked beautifully. Enjoy there return every year.!!!!!

Brenda says:

I’ve been watching these in my feeders for the last two days, here in Traverse City Michigan 😊 there beautiful 🥰

Ken says:

At our feeders on May 14, 2020 in Belleville Ontario Canada

Cyndi says:

I saw one of these pretty birds from God at my feeder yesterday and was a brand new visitor 😊👏

Travis O. says:

We have a pair with a nest in the front yard. First time seeing this species. Amazing!!

Travis O. says:

I forgot to mention, I live in Rensselaer, IN

J. Wilken says:

I have one visiting our feeder in Sartell, MN. A real beauty!

Just had a male at our feeder in New Preston, CT he was beautiful

stephen androsko says:

Saw our first male today in Titusville Florida east central coast. have had 3-4 feeders out for last 8 years. have never seen these before. got several pics of this pretty boy.

Nancy says:

Oh my! Just saw this beautiful bird at our feeder here is Lascassas Tn

Sandy Miller says:

First one I have seen in thirty-five years here in Woodland Park, Co

SCarman says:

Just had a rose breastfed grosbeak show up at my feeder for first time ever here in Memphis TN. Han my feeders up for about 4 years. Have cardinal family, chickadees, downy woodpecker and male and female red-breasted woodpecker (even though it’s redder on head than breast. Have some mean starlings and a mockingbird disrupting things this year also

Angie says:

Just had a rose breasted grosbeak on my suet feeder,at 640pm, 4/28/2023.I live in Russellville, Arkansas.

Wendy Hartley says:

We saw a rose-breasted grosbeak male at our backyard fish pond fountain
First time we have ever seen one here! Very beautiful

Pete kaufman says:

Saw my first and second ever here in Conway Arkansas. First was month ago at feeder. To quick I couldn’t identify. The today found probably a youngster on ground and rescued him front cat.

Rebecca Kohout says:

Saw my first one today on my feeder here in Austin TX. So pretty… and had to look it up. He/she was really shy around the sparrows jockeying for space but finally just hung around!

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