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Rob Pento

Lake Barrington, IL, United States


Two Sandhill Cranes at the feeder.
One has been tagged and appears to have a tracking transmitter on its leg (look for long “wire” coming off of the leg of the one in profile in the photo).

This is the second time I’ve captured this pair around my feeder. I put seed down on the grass, and the deer also push up the screen in the platform feeder with their antlers to get the nuts to fall (I fill the platform with shelled nuts that I get discounted in bulk from a local/national nut company that is based in IL).




Sandhill Cranes – At The Bird Feeder

Sandhill Cranes at my feeder. No question they visit feeders and appear to enjoy the shelled nuts that I put out on the grass and in the platform feeder that the deer knock down at night (the deer come at night and use their antlers to push the screen up int he platform feeder to dump all the shelled nuts I put in daily).

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