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Laura Finazzo

Orono, MN, United States


This past May, 2013 brought a variety of birds to our yard that we have never seen before, at least not at the feeders.We believe it was the brutally long, harsh winter that lingered well in to April that caused such a disruption in the flower and insect population that birds that normally would normally seldom venture out of the woods came to our feeders, the suet feeders in particular. One amazing visitor were Scarlet Tanagers, both male and female. They were surprisingly timid birds, allowing us to get rather close, but because of the unique circumstances, we kept our distance, allowing them to feed in peace. I took most of the photos of them through a windows.


Scarlet Tanagers

Scarlet Tanager and eastern Bluebird

One reply on “Scarlet Tanagers”

Bob Vuxinic says:

I think you might be right about why the birds showed up at your feeders. I’ve never had Tanagers or Bluebirds come to my feeders except when the weather conditions were unusually harsh and ill-timed.

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