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Annie Rodewig

Chagrin Falls, OH, USA


I have been watching the decline of this House Finch for about two weeks now. Noticed his eyes were not quite normal last weekend. We have had very cold temperatures and an ice/snow storm that covered everything in the landscape making it difficult for the local birds to find food and shelter. Unfortunately, I don’t think he’s long for this world.



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Sick House Finch – Conjunctivitis Most Likely Cause.

A very sick House Finch amongst one of my feeder groups. He has been declining for the past couple of weeks. Sad.

One reply on “Sick House Finch – Conjunctivitis most likely cause.”

Mary says:

I am seeing this too here in coastal North Carolina. We’ve had 3 sick finches in the past few weeks. Will be disinfecting the feeders tomorrow. It’s really sad.

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