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Joan Wiitanen

Tear Lake, Stanton Township, MI, United States


My first Snow Bunting picture up close. Always usually see them scattered along the roadsides.




Snow Bunting

2 replies on “Snow Bunting”

Bob Vuxinic says:

Wow. My first look at a Snow Bunting…period! Beautiful.

Joan E. Wiitanen says:

First one up close for me. They usually scatter around on the edge of country roads for the salt apparently. It was a big treat to get this picture. All the pics I take are from around my house too on our 36 acre property. Just once a Cardinal couple spent two weeks two years ago here. Wish we had them more often. Guess they are scarcely around this far north but can’t seem to attract them except that one rare two week daily visit. Love your pics too btw 🙂

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