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Aleene Jones

Juniata Rd, Dunbar, PA, United States


Three Males are the most I had at one time.



Southwestern Pennsylvania Migration Time

Migration Time, SW PA. Three male Purple Finches, no females.

4 replies on “Southwestern Pennsylvania Migration Time”

James O'Donnell says:

Nice Picture! I live in Harrison, New Jersey. Recently Purple Finches have been showing up a my bird feeder.

Aleene Jones says:

Thanks, James.Congrats. on your Purple Finches.
They are still here in SW of May 1.
Wonder if they are increasing their numbers?
I hope so, they are so pretty.

Bob Vuxinic says:

Hi Aleene,
I see that you are getting more visits by the Purple Finches.

Aleene Jones says:

There for a while, I thought they passed me by.

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