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mila kedz

Memphis, TN, USA


This is Mila Kedz again with some cool Baby Bird and Migratory bird photos! Spring has been exciting so far with Indigo Bunting, Summer Tanagers, Tennessee Warblers, Yellow Throated Warbler, Northern Paurla, Prothonary Warbler, Swainson Thrushes, Hermit Thrushes, Blue Gray Gnatcatchers, Black and White Warblers, Blackpoll Warblers, Fox Sparrows and more! I’v seen Fledgling Cardinals, Downy Woodpeckers, Carolina Chickadees and also a incubating Tufted Titmouse! Here is a small selection of my most recent photos!



Spring Is Here! – Migrants And Baby Birds

Fledgling Woodpecker

One reply on “Spring is Here! – Migrants and Baby Birds”

Paula says:

Great shots Mila! Love the Black and White Warbler.

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