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mila kedz

Tennessee, USA


This is Mila Kedz again with more of my Migratory Bird Images. I hope everyone has had a great Migratory Bird Year like I have. If you don’t know I’m a 11-year-old Nature and Bird Photographer this year being my first-year chasing migrants.

Spring Migration Photography

Indigo Bunting

2 replies on “Spring Migration Photography”

Paula says:

Wonderful photos ~ you have a bright future!

mila kedz says:

Thanks for your support! Please check out my channel Mila Nature Lover to learn about how to make a Birdbath, Bird-friendly Garden, How to attract specific birds and what is Bird Migration! I also have a daily birdbath updates showing the birds and wildlife visiting the birdbath. Finally, I have daily BirdCast Migration updates so you can stay up to date on the birds coming through in Tennessee.

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