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howard c bradley

Boardman, OH, United States


This visitor stopped by a couple of days ago. This is a small pond in a woodsy area, in a suburban area South of Youngstown, OH. South of here is Pine Lake, Mahoning County, OH that has had a nesting pair for several years. We have seen an eagle soaring overhead, but this is certainly a sighting not seen by many.. Pics were taken by a Bushnell trail camera having recently been pointed toward the pond to capture animals coming for water.


Predatory birds


Strange Occurrance

Visitor to small pond

One reply on “Strange occurrance”

How strange, It’s not very often you see Bald Eagles come down for a drink, or even come to the ground besides to eat a fish. I live on a lake so we see Bald eagles quite often, but I have never seen one come to the ground. You are very lucky to have seen such a cool event!

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