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Annette Anderson

North Mankato, MN

Strange Visitor.

5 replies on “Strange visitor.”

Annette Anderson says:

We were told this is a leucistic Junco. It was only around for one afternoon and seemed more tame than the other Juncos. It definitely held it’s own with the Sparrows at the feeder!

Texas Bird Family says:

leucistic House Finch or House Sparrow

Texas Bird Family says:

It has a band. Maybe its a pet?

Heidi Faulkner, Project Assistant says:

Hello, thanks for reaching out. This looks to be a Dark-eyed Junco with a form of leucism or albinism. The leg band is most likely from a researcher or instituion doing bird banding.

Laura Hedden says:

I call that a Dark-eyed Junc- OH!!

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