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Photo Submission

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andree dubreuil

Trois-Rivières, QC, Canada


As many as 8 Blue Jays arrived, simultaneously today.
So, I decided to take as many pictures of them in various positions as they arrived to feed..
out of the 8, I now can properly identify at least 3. by name..The picture submitted the first the enlarged
picture..The patterns.. Simply amazed me..
I, have cataracts. so.I decided to catalogue my that I may recognize a later time when I can
see the patterns in their feathers..
For now, I ,hope their winter plumage will not drastically change..
Any comments..on patterns of bird plumage, and the notion that one can identify them with some accuracy
would be appreciated..


The Identification Of A Blue Jay, One After The Other.

The blueprint of a Blue Jay..enlarged photo..

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