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Priya G S

Trivandrum, Kerala, India


Our home….is a place i feel like heaven….we have lots of visitors every day Myna’s, parrots,sparrows,cuckoos,many other birds which are not so common in most of the areas because of the urbanization…our home is not so away from a city but still we have them in our surroundings…..freely swinging,singing,eating, and make us feel we live in the nature…

The Visitors Of My Home….most Of The Day…..the Free Birds I Love To See Them As Free As They Are….

Couple Lunch....In a Parrot style!!

One reply on “The visitors of my home….most of the day…..the free birds i love to see them as free as they are….”

Bob Vuxinic says:

How nice it is to see birds like these living freely.

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