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andree dubreuil

Trois-Rivières, QC, Canada


We are Lucky,, huge hedges of 30 year cedars circle..
and perhaps.. are welcoming dorms.. for birds.. Who knows?

Always.. choose carefully.. your plants..srubs,, and..
A horrible plant..which was planted 30 years ago by previous owner..
.. killed all the fruit trees..Aristoloche.. Something..a horrible plant..which had grown for over 30 years..
Stumps,,each was about 2 feet.. and removed about 12 of them.. horrible..because it wraps around fruit
tree roots..

Beware.. of invasive. unwanted species..they may take you years to remove..
and may hurt all the welcoming plants which are bird friendly..




Think About The Features That Attract Your Yard

I fully understand that this picture is not clear.. But, wanted to point out the fact that Common Redpolls fed from the Japenese Lilac trees, and that the Pine Grosbeaks had previously visited..(the tree is approx. 30 years old.. and seems to yield more seeds every 2nd year..I, suppose…)

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