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Lynne Kuhn

Chesapeake, VA, United States


All these pictures were taken during Project Feederwatch 2017! Most of them had to be taken through the window, but the bluebird picture on the feederpole and the wren picture were taken out the door. I have a great vantage point in my kitchen, and I enjoy my feathered visitors. A bird flew by the pine warbler just as I took the shot, so I was able to get its beak open purely by accident. All the birds seem to be thirsty, so I have been putting fresh water out for them. I am still learning about my camera, so hopefully the next batch will be better.
Happy Watching!



Through My Window

Thirsty Carolina wren tries its luck at the birdbath.

One reply on “Through My Window”

Janet Kennedy-Hynes says:

Awesome pics Lynne. Thanks for sharing.

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