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Janice Davis

Ocean City, MD, USA



Today Seeing A Cardinal Carry A Whole Peanut Away From Feeder Was A First For Me

3 replies on “Today seeing a Cardinal carry a whole peanut away from feeder was a first for me”

Bob Vuxinic says:

Hi Janice, I’ve always found that when I put out whole peanuts, I’d better stay near with my camera aimed at the feeder, because the peanuts will be gone in about 5 minutes, with the different birds in a contest to see which species can carry off the most peanuts in the least amount of time.

janice says:

I have a special place for squirrels to get their peanuts -so they will stay away from bird feeder while I am trying to take pictures. My favorite xmas present this year was a 25 ib. bag of whole peanuts that my son gave me😊

Robert Lukacs says:

I just saw my male Cardinal grab a peanut in the shell for the first time ever this morning…this was a first for me too! I’m not a bird expert, I guess I kind of inherited the wild birds out front when my next door neighbor announced he was moving away. My first thought was “Who will feed the birds now?” So I started doing just that when he left. The only birding experience I ever had was owning a Conure for 20 years. Now, 3 years and a pair of binoculars later, I have about 100 birds that I love…

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