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Theresa Nickels

Grand Rapids, MI, United States


This is one of 2 flat spots near to the house that I put a small amount of nuts and seeds. The Titmice, Cardinals and Chickadees can feed here and avoid the House Sparrow crowds at the flat feeders in the yard.


Tufted-titmouse Dining Out

Checking out the options.

2 replies on “Tufted-titmouse Dining Out”

I, have never seen a Titmice.and do not have house sparrows where I, live..sharing your story and the time and the space.. simply confirms that your house is a special place..
Theresa.. from a participant.. your spot near your heart and home ,, is a spot in your yard,
which you have shared.. with us.. far away.. more than you know.. thanks for those moments.. and sharing that spot and that place…..and that lovely way.. in which you told us
.in pictures.. the way you picked your options.. thanks for feederwatch for having you..

Theresa Nickels says:

Thank you, Andree, for your kind comments. I, too, love to see birds and hear stories from other bird watchers in places that I may never have the chance to visit. I’m so glad you enjoyed my backyard birds.

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