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Robin Pritchard

Grand Falls-Windsor, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada


We have a flock of Crossbills that we have only seen, and mostly just heard, from a distance. While doing my count this week I was pleasantly surprised to see a new species visiting our feeder, and because there was a flock of Goldfinches, as well as Evening Grosbeaks around, I first thought this was a Pine Grosbeak. With my phone camera zoomed in and pointing it through my binoculars I was able to get a close up shot. Though it’s a bit fuzzy, that beak is unmistakable! This is my newest birding highlight, I feel so fortunate that I was there to see it and include it on my count!

Unexpected Guest – Red Crossbill

Red Crossbill amongst a flock of Goldfinches!

2 replies on “Unexpected Guest – Red Crossbill”

Lou Ann says:

Hi Robin,

You have White-winged Crossbills in your photo! Great yard bird!

Lou Ann H.
Bozeman, Montana

Ava Johnson says:

Are you referring to the species Red Crossbill, if so then I don’t think that bird is one. I think that is a fellow White-Winged Crossbill. Red Crossbills are more of an orange-red color.

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