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Bruce Burnham

Brunswick, ME, USA


This bird hit my door screen. At first it had a wing stretched out and there was a clear white band. Its underside is whitish. It cannot be a catbird because of wing band. It is an insect eater because of beak. I’ve not seen one like it, so assume it is migrating. No warblers I looked at have same patterns.

Please identify.



Unknown Name

What is this?

One reply on “Unknown Name”

Holly Faulkner, Project Assistant says:

Hi Bruce, The markings on this bird are consistent with a Brown Creeper. Brown Creepers also have a white band on their wings when outstretched. I encourage you to view more images of this species here, and see what you think. Feel free to remove or add filters. If the bird is deceased, then it may be best to contact your state’s wildlife unit to check the laws on proper disposal, as some units have protocols in place for certain diseases; if the bird is alive and injured however, please contact a certified wildlife rehabilitator.

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