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Alexandria, VA, USA


Among the many Juncos that frequent our yard and feeders was this one all-dark colored one. Looks similar to the Dark-eyed Junco which used to be called the Slate-colored Junco when I began birding, but it has no white on the breast/underside, nor any white on the wing or tail feathers unlike the rest of the ones we see everyday in the late Fall, Winter and early Spring. I took these picture through a window so they and not as perfectly sharp as if taken outdoors. Also, it was an overcast day. However, these are an accurate depiction of what can be seen with binoculars or the naked eye. This is the first year I have seen this individual among the other Juncos. Other than the color variation, it is the size and behaves like normal Black-eyed Juncos eating fallen seeds from the ground and scratching among the fallen leaves as well. There is a subtle brownish streaking that can be seen, similar to that of an immature Junco, but it is on the back of the bird. The dark color does not appear to be dirt or soot but the actual feather color.


Unusually Colored – No White Feathers – Junco

All dark Slate-colored/Black-eyed Junco-no white feathers

2 replies on “Unusually colored – no white feathers – Junco”

Texas Bird Family says:

I believe this bird is melanistic, causing the bird’s feather to be darker or black.

Lois Sullivan says:

I was baffled last year with this bird at my feeder along with the other juncos. Saw it again one day this week. So glad to get an explanation.

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