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Linda Salter

Carpenter Road, Georgetown, NY, United States


We have hosted regular (daily) groups of Evening Grosbeaks, assorted Redpolls, Pine Siskins, and others this winter, after seeing only a few last winter. They roost in the State Forest Lands (Three Springs, Muller Hill, Tioughnioga WMU, Morrow Mountain, and DeRuyter State Forests, all in Sounthwest Madison Coounty. The area is at risk because of a very large natural gas compressor station (Dominion Transmission, CP14-497-000) planned for a farm field 1/3 mile from our home; it will cause serious harm to nesting and wintering bird populations, humans, and part of the protected Chesapeake Bay Watershed (middle Branch, Tiougnioga). Onondaga Audubon lists it as an action area, for potential habitat fragmentation, as has taken place in PA. This is a unique area, and we would appreciate any advice and support from The Lab of Ornithology to speak to the importance of bird habitat. Nesting populations are listed (in part) on the DEC website under Muller Hill and Tioughnioga management Units.

Two years ago, with the huge Redpoll irruption, we had 400 birds or more at a time, and likely some Greater REdpolls as well as Hoaries…. it is a unique area, precious and fragile. Some Evening Grosbeaks stayed that year and nested alongside Rose-Breasted Grosbeaks, coming to the feeders at the same time (I have photos of that, too). Thank you for the wonderful, critical work you do to fight for the birds… Linda Salter 242053


Vistors To Our “balmy” Southern Clime From The Far North

Redpolls return!

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