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Debra Rucker

Bolivar, TX, USA


This little guy, a Yellow Headed Blackbird, has been foraging for moths, crickets, worms, etc., in my yard for two days now. Doesn’t fly around at all. I can walk right up to him. Doesn’t appear to be injured. At one point he walked right over my feet. He’s totally absorbed in looking for food and pays no attention to people. Watched him until dark last night and he walked over and spent the night under a low shrub in my yard. Strange behavior? I have lived in North Texas all my life (60+ years) and this is the first one I’ve seen in my area. He is solo.

Wandering Fellow

Yellow Headed Blackbird busy foraging.

One reply on “Wandering fellow”

HeartForNature says:

Strange… but cool!

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