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Daniel Caputa

Lackawanna, NY, USA


This hawk swooped down 5/4/2018 near my back yard and killed a grackle and then perched on a chain linked fence with the bird in it’s claws. Hawk went down on the other side of the wooden fence. Didn’t have my camera in hand at the time but went and got it. It appeared on the fence a little later and I got a couple of decent shots. Could you please let me know the breed? Also we have a Maltese- shitzu mix dog and are worried as to the safety of the dog.


Predatory birds

What Breed Of Hawk Is This

I think that it still has part of the grackle in it's claws. What type of hawk is this?

2 replies on “what breed of hawk is this”

Trying to find what the breed of this hawk.

Aleene J. Jones says:

With very long tail says accipiter, it does not look big enough to be a Goshawk; leaning more toward a Coopers or Sharp-shinned. It’s legs look a little heftier then the sharp-shinneds very skinny legs, – IMO, – This is a Coopers Hawk.

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