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renee hogan

Bartlett, IL, United States


Predatory birds

What Is This?

Have a few thoughts on what bird this is but wanted other thoughts? What is this bird? Seen on my yard fence in a suburban neighborhood, Bartlett, IL.

4 replies on “What is this?”

I’d say that was a sharp-shinned hawk. They are larger than a coopers hawk but look very similar. They mainly prey on other smaller birds.

Bob Vuxinic says:

I agree with Olivia. It looks like a Sharp-shinned Hawk to me.

Renee says:

Sharp shinned are smaller than Cooper’s hawk and this was a large hawk

Laura Dent says:

Sharpies are quite a bit smaller than Coopers………too bad you didn’t rotate the picture so we could see him right side up. Look at my photos submitted today for a close up of both.

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