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Jeffrey Willis

Hingham, MA, United States


Never seen this bird at feeder. Was eating mealworms when I took this.



What Kind Of Bird Is This?

I can't ID this bird. Please help.

6 replies on “What kind of bird is this?”

Laura Frazier says:

It looks like a young Common Grackle . . .

Jeffrey Willis says:

I thought so but couldn’t find picture of it. Thank you.

Bob Vuxinic says:

Looks like a Grackle, but I’ve never seen a Grackle that didn’t have yellow eyes, EXCEPT for some Boat-tailed Grackles down around the Gulf states.

Lauren Messinger says:

Young Common Grackles are dull colored and have black eyes, unlike their yellow-eyed parents.

Jeffrey Willis says:

TY Lauren. Have a few of these young ones in my backyard now.

Aleene Jones says:

I believe it is a Juvenile Common Grackle, the eyes will turn yellow in the Fall.

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