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David Tanguay

Windham, ME, USA


Nor’easter is over and birds are hitting the feeders pretty hard. Noted a flash of white in the flock of American Goldfinch and tracked it down for photos. Flocks is approx 4 dozen with a Pine Siskin or two in the mix.



White-capped Goldfinch In The Crowd

"White-capped" Goldfinch

2 replies on “White-capped Goldfinch in the crowd”

Winona gallop says:

Looking for information on a bird at my feeder. Looks to be a finch. Brown striped. Pure white cap and pure white under chin
I’m in Toronto ontario

Holly Faulkner, Project Assistant says:

Hi Winona, Your bird sounds like a sparrow that might have leucism, but we encourage you to send a photograph to us a and tell us your location so that we can make a more informed decision. you may also be interested in trying our bird ID app, Merlin. Learn more and download it here. White-throated Sparrows are one of the only species of sparrow that have a white throat naturally, but no sparrow has a pure white cap; this indicates a possible color variance, such as leucism. Check out our website for more information on Leucism, and take a look at the Identification photos for White-throated Sparrows – also look at the “similar species” section to compare against other sparrow species. Feel free to email us with any questions.

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