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Tom Magnuson

Colorado Springs, CO, USA


This Junco was among a large number that visit our backyard in the foothills regularly. Only seen it since 3/17/19.

White-faced Junco

White-faced Junco

5 replies on “White-faced Junco”

Tom Magnuson says:

The sub-species was mislabeled Gray-headed Chickadee.

Lesley-Anne Evans says:

We have had one return to us this winter, with the dark eyed junkos. We also had one last year.

Linda Churchill says:

I have one at my feeders just in the past week! Can’t get a good picture and nobody around here has ever heard of one.

Tony Girardi says:

I saw a white faced junco for the first time on this date January 23, 2023. My web search on “white faced junco” brought me to this site. Observed at a feeder in central Iowa.

John P Nightingale says:

A single “White – Faced Junco” has been observed on a several occasions in our back yard. (Ottawa ON). Always associated with a small flock of “regular” juncos.

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