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Jay Miller

Gainesville, TX, USA


Photographed in Gainesville, TX at a gas station there on September 14, 2020. Appears to be a rare nearly-all-white common grackle. First time I had ever seen one, though apparently others have been spotted on occasion. Most photos of “white grackles” I have now viewed are not nearly as “white” as this one. Would appreciate feedback on rarity and cause of coloration.


White Grackle

White grackle photo'd on September 14, 2020.

4 replies on “White grackle”

Trina Littlefield says:

Wow that’s awesome!!


What a gorgeous bird and photo!

Ava Johnson says:

Hi Jay, this bird is leucistic. Leucism is the partial absence of pigments in an animal, resulting in white or lighter than normal areas of the body.

Matt Walz says:

I just wanted to relay a funny anecdote.

I was going through some old photos and found a photo of a white bird that appeared to be a grackle. I googled “white grackle” and your photo was the first to come up.

My photo was taken at a gas station, and when I checked the metadata, it was in Gainesville, TX on October 11, 2020.

I think we both took a pic of the exact same bird one month apart.

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