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C. Pretti

Fairfield, CA, United States


I believe this is a white ( Leucistic?)House Finch. It hangs out in my back yard with the rest of the normal color House Finches.



White House Finch

I believe this is a white ( Leucistic?)House Finch.

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Lynn says:

We have both photos and videos of a White House Finch (leucistic) in California.
It seems that most of these House Finch white variant sightings happen in California.
They are Quite Rare.

These are wild birds and NOT feral Zebra Finch.
White Zebra Finches occur in this recessive (white) form but ARE clearly identified by bright Orange Beak (female) or bright Red Beak (male).

I also have wild White Mourning Dove, wild White Ringed Necked Dove photos.

Linda says:

I, too, have a White House Finch that has just shown up at my feeders in SE Kansas. It is always with a male House Finch and looks just like your picture.

jeri says:

I also live in Kansas Northeastern one showed up here the day after thanksgiving.

Linda Merkel says:

I too have a white house Finch that shows up with my other finches. I live in central Massachusetts. I’m so impressed with this little one. Interesting, I am just now seeing brown show up on his wing bars, back and head.

Nikki Schmidt says:

I have a white house finch at the feeder this morning in Northern Illinois, ten minutes from Wisconsin. I am hoping the hawks don’t spot him.

we have a lot of house finches in our backyard on the feeders. lately, we have seen a white bird that looks like a house finch,. ……but i thought maybe it was a canary.

LJH says:

Just saw one this morning at my feeder in east central Illinois. Beautiful!

Lara H says:

Just saw one this morning at my feeder in east central Illinois. Beautiful!

Jackie says:

I have one that comes every fall and leaves in the spring. I live in northern California. This is at least the 3rd year of seeing this one come back.

Kim Parsons says:

We have had a white finch come to our feeders for the past week. It shows up every morning and evening. We live in Tacoma, Washington.

Helen ost says:

We have a white goldfinch at our feeder in Portland oregon for the past few weeks.

Tina Semock says:

I believe I have a White House finch also this year. I haven’t got a picture yet. I’m about 35 miles west of Chicago. I will share a picture if I get one. I’m glad this has been posted. I thought it might be rare but wasn’t sure. Thanks!

Don Owens says:

We are in Southwest Ohio. A solid white Finch has been feeding with all of the other birds for more than a year. Does anyone know if one sex is dominant in these white birds

Donald Webb says:

Just saw a white finch at my feeder this morning, just west of St. Louis Mo.Never saw one before. Thought it was rare but seems like quite a few post here… really cool to see !!!

Jackie says:

I have a white finch that returns every year.

Vicki says:

I’ve had what I am almost positive is a house finch visiting my feeder with other house finches. It’s almost purely white with a yellowish tinge to it’s head. It has a yellow beak. It’s always with a very red male. This is T 2300 ft in Tucson, Arizona.

Tim says:

One showed up this winter for two months here in northern ky. Thank you Lord for the beauty see it nearly everyday we named it ivory

Jane says:

My neighbor has a nest of house finches. Not all feathers are on yet but one is white with pink eyes. How rear is it?

Laura says:

I spotted a white finch a couple weeks ago in our yard in central MA.

Spent much of today watching a white finch in my garden. I had never seen one before. It enjoyed my blackberries and although I am disappointed in never getting to taste the berries I have been waiting on, I enjoyed watching. Fair trade. I am in San Antonio, TX.

Laurie Daresta says:

I was very surprised to see a white bird at my feeders, along with many finches. After seeing the picture, I think it’s a white finch. Exciting!

Kevi says:

We have one hanging around our yard in British Columbia’s west coast.

Karen Carman says:

I have a white house finch visiting my feeder in Columbus Ohio. May 2021

Ozzy says:

I have a white house finch but it was born in captivity from two zebra finches 🤔

robin says:

i” only been told that males have redder beaks with females being more orange, I think thats the best way.

Julie says:

We have a White Finch nesting on our porch in an improved, old barn swallow nest (luckily, it beat them to that location)! Our barn swallows returned a couple of weeks ago & have many more old nests to use, but they are still pretty aggressive with the Finch & uprooted the Phoebe’s improvements to another old nest. We are near Columbia, SC.

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