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Susan Maughan

Kent, WA, USA


These Mallard’s have returned for the 17th year, they recognize I have food for them and will look at the window for me to feed them. They are wild enough to keep their distance but smart enough to know, this little Villa is theirs to come to morning and evening to fill up on healthy food. When the ducklings hatch they are toddled up once from the creek nearby to be shown where to find food. Each year I do get a few other pairs that visit but these 3 seem to always return.

Wild Mallards Relaxing At The Villa

Wild Mallard momma taking a nap after a nice breakfast of mealworms, corn, sunflower chips and other nummies our human momma if 17 years feeds us.

One reply on “Wild Mallards relaxing at the Villa”

Texas Bird Family says:

We sometimes have a pair of Black-bellied Whistling Ducks come and eat birdseed at the feeder.

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