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April Carroll

Lac du Flambeau, WI, United States


Just returned from three months in southern Florida to three feet of snow and ice and sub zero temperatures. I resumed feeding the birds but no one showed up for three days. Now I have to refill the feeders every day.Redpolls, Pine Siskins, a few Chickadees and jays fight with the red and grey squirrels for a place at the table. Sure glad they are out there to liven things up.


Winter Birds In Northern Wisconsin

Redpoll is ready for Spring. We don't usually see this bird,but this year they are numerous and flocking with pine siskins.

6 replies on “Winter birds in northern Wisconsin”

Jodi Haling says:

They are beautiful have them in my feeder today in Hazelhurst, Wi first time i seen them .. I was in awe

Nancy Daltons says:

Much to my delight the
red POLLS are here in Manitowoc :fun to see them!

Kyle Alexander says:

Just saw several red polls this morning at the feeders. DePere …. just one at a time … traveling solo … or just the early riser in the family

Marisa says:

I saw them today. 2 I believe, males with their brilliant coloring. I was walking through my yard with 2 big dogs, in the deep snow, among the old apple trees. They seemed to like the branches from the trees. Their color took me by surprise. so I had to take pictures and of course the camera wasn’t adjusted.
so then of course I had to find out what they are. so thanks for having this website and pictures to identify the beautiful birds!

Nancy says:

Saw one today in Harshaw. Very pretty bird.

Jonah Linfield says:

Hi April,

I run a blog for a small landscaping company in Madison, WI.

I love the photo you took of the Bluejay Perched on the tree. I am wondering if I can get your permission to use it in an article about attracting wildlife during the winter months. Of course, you would be credited for the photo. You can email me at


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