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Helen Heizyk

Potter, NY, USA


I have counted up to 80 Goldfinches at my feeders this winter – two hanging tray feeders filled with sunflower seed, on the ground under the tray feeders, on a tube feeder filled with sunflower seeds, a thistle tube feeder, and the tray I put on the deck, pictured above. Not since the last time we had a Common Redpoll irruption here have I had such large numbers of one species in the winter!



Winter Finches!

SO many Goldfinches at my feeders this winter!! These are just a few of them.

One reply on “Winter finches!”

I, just loved your picture and really loved it.. because you mentioned the last time you had
such an irruptive luncheon,, You really made my day! and thanks Helen for sharing that
wonderful joy!
You sent us the Common Redpolls,,hopefully you will send us Gold.. soon…
Thanks for your generous pics. and again, the joy!

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