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Aleene Jones

427 Main Street, Dunbar, PA, USA


Yesterday visitor, haven’t seen him today, on his way migrating north.

Wonder If She Has Better Tasting Suet?

First 2018 Grosbeak.

11 replies on “Wonder If she has better tasting suet?”

Spectacular shot of the red bib,, Really nice Aleene,,

Aleene J. Jones says:

Thanks Andree, he is heading your way, should be seeing him soon.

Tim Scarborough says:

That’s a great picture. Had one of these on my feeder May 1st and have never seen one before. I live in Aiken, SC.

Catherine says:

We have one at are bird feeder today in Decatur Tn had to look it up on line did not know what type of bird it was very beautiful

Aleene J. Jones says:

Thank you Tim.

Aleene J. Jones says:

Congrats. Catherine, on your new life bird.

Just saw my first grosbeak of the season.

So much praise is making him blush even more!!

Aleene J. Jones says:

I want to thank all for the likes & comments.

Aleene J. Jones says:

Veronica…..Do you live in the U.S. or Canada?

Aleene J. Jones says:

Had no inkling, Andree, thanks for the heads-up.

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