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Our Winter Bird Highlights, summarizing the results from the 2022-23 season, is now online.


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Patra Swope

Bullard, TX, USA


Woody eats seed off the patio with the rest of the birds. I had never seen one do that. He lives near and is my backyard frequently. He has mastered feeding on any feeder I put out.

Woody Loves To Eat Seeds Off My Patio

I wish I could have captured this photo closer up because I had never seen a bird with this shade of blue. He was small as a finch and I thought he was a blue finch but they aren't near where I live so I had to think he was an indigo bunting. He was a beauty.

One reply on “Woody loves to eat seeds off my patio”

Patra Swope says:

This woodpecker eats seed just about anywhere I can put it. He comes to eat with the other birds. He maintains his presence in my backyard and dominates the rest of the birds although he never chases them.
The other photo is a blue bird the size of a finch that I had a hard time identifying. Thought he was a blue finch but they aren’t in this state. I identified him as an indigo bunting. I only saw him one day.

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