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Ann G. Crosby

Longmont, CO, USA


I’m submitting these photos to show the unusual sighting starting yesterday of yellow-headed blackbirds in my backyard feeder area. It’s completely the wrong habitat for them, but they seem to like hanging out with the red-winged blackbirds that have been flooding my yard for weeks now. The first photo shows my backyard feeding area and the red-wings. Yesterday I saw the flash of yellow as a bird was flying away and I thought I must be dreaming. Then not only did it come back today, but I have seen two at once. The photos are very poor quality because I was furiously snapping pics through the slats of my wooden blinds, but I was so afraid they would fly away.

Yellow-headed Blackbirds

This just shows my backyard and the huge number of red-winged blackbirds I've been getting

One reply on “Yellow-headed blackbirds”

Lisa Anderson says:

I have heard that they like seed feeders. We had Red-winged Blackbirds at ours in years past. This year we’ve had only one (yellow-headed) which perched only briefly in a nearby tree. Perhaps it is because we took down the seed feeder early and replaced it with thistle and suet feeders?

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