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Bill Culver

Albuquerque, NM, USA


Joined project feeder watch and constantly need to provide evidence for unusually high counts of Yellow-rumped Warblers at our site. We have the feeders shown in these pictures with bark butter along with 3 suet feeders and a platform feeder with meal worms that attract the Yellow-rumped Warblers. They are often on the ground and/or drinking at the birdbath, too. We have seen as many as 15 Yellow-rumped Warblers simultaneously at our feeder site. Extremely high numbers often coincide with the onset of rain or snow. On any given day in the winter, with just a few minutes of observing, we will see more than five Yellow-rumped Warblers simultaneously at our site. They move around very quickly and often chase each other off.

Yellow-rumped Warblers Aplenty

Yellow-rumped warblers aplenty

One reply on “Yellow-rumped warblers aplenty”

Texas Bird Family says:

I used to have a ton of Yellow-rumps in my yard (like 50 all foraging in the grass) it’s crazy because they will eat in peace when they are eating wild food but will never share the suet and peanut butter! They are so aggressive! I had them coming daily for peanut butter for months, and then they suddenly stopped coming. They would eat oak and cypress pollen, how strange. Now I only have one male coming for peanut butter. Any idea why they stopped coming? Do your yellow-rumps share?

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