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Stephen Cassidy

Wawanesa, MB, Canada


This young cowbird was sitting quietly on the lawn near some bush waiting on the mother sparrow to provide a continuous lunch. When I tried to get a photo it flew up into the apple tree where it was much easier to see and photograph. No such luck with the mother. She was far to wary to let me get close enough to identify or get a good photo.

Young Cowbird

hard to see but there is a sparrow (couldn't get close enough to identify for sure) here that was feeding the cowbird fledgling in the second photo. A significant size contrast.

4 replies on “young cowbird”

at last.. someone. who notices.. cowbirds.. evidently. remouved from pastures, long ago..
This mono-parental bird, has evolutionary, taken a bird cognitive survival method..
One. which is perhaps.. not understood..but, and this is an amateur bird observation..of course..

Must be a careful objective analysis of a comportement de survie..
I, thank you.. for sharing a picture of one of the lower cases,, of birds. and simply state.
that. the cow-birds , I, have been able to observe.. are actually not agressive to other species when they are feeding at feeders..and thus show. the lack of competitive reactions torwards other birds.. and rely on the generous but helplessness of their
ability to supply. what would normally be the substance.. of their innate substance..and choice food source.. a word I, cannot write..
splice A the management of species survival
feeder Watch participant..

I, have chosen. within my limited abilities.. to capture the wording of the case of the Brown cowbird. and can find no other definition. that as a simple enough.
nor can define it better,, please excuse.. my limited.. knowledge.. and what I, wrote..
and by no means reflects on any and above authority,
My comment was to be understood it is ..and is an observation of Andree Dubreuil
and does not reflect any formal. and .. nature of the content of this is a feedback..

Texas Bird Family says:

The mother sparrow is Chipping Sparrow

Texas Bird Family says:

A chipping sparrow

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