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Marsha White

Salmon, ID, United States


I’d seen this house finch male on and off at my feeders for about 10 days until I finally got photos of him. The orange leg band appears to be a plastic zip-tie. I asked our local Idaho Fish and Game ofice’s non-game biologist about this unusual leg band. I was told that it was likely banded by an individual for an unknown reason and doesn’t represent any legitimate tagging effort. The leg band poses a distinct threat to the bird as it could become tangled in vegetation and the band’s bright orange color clearly puts the bird at a higher risk of predation. What was the individual thinking who tagged this house finch? Obviously, NOT thinking!



Zip-tie Leg Band On House Finch

Oddly-leg banded house finch male observed at my feeder March 22, 2015 in Salmon Idaho.

3 replies on “Zip-tie leg band on house finch”

Robert Price says:

I saw a female house finch at my feeder in Salmon, ID with a blue zip tie leg band today.

Marilyn vecchio says:

I have seen at my feeder two female finches with red bands on their right legs. Why? I live in Ozone Park, New York.

Karina says:

Can you catch it and remove the zip tie?

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