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Karen Lebing

Waves, NC, United States


This little female northern cardinal is a survivor against great hardship. Her name is Bumblefoot–she used to have a dangling, useless foot but it has fallen off now. She visits my feeder daily, with her siblings and parents, and has to hop her way to the food among all the other hungry, jostling birds. She rests on a perch by balancing on her belly, and when it is windy, she finds a sheltered spot close to the trunk of a steady tree. She never gives up or complains and all the other birds accept her as “normal” at the feeder. I did not think she could survive Hurricane Matthew, but she did. This picture of her was taken in October 2016 but she is still coming to the feeder and it was the best picture to show her problem.



A Survivor

A Survivor

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